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September 2018

I photographed this on an early morning when the early autumn light was shining through on of the stained glass windows a couple of weeks ago.

I completed this stone earlier in the year and it was fixed into the floor of Lincoln Cathedral’s south west transept. It’s a large piece (850mm x 750mm ) with an in-laid copper cross (dating from WW2) and inlaid lettering which proved very problematic during cutting due to the soft nature of the Lincoln Redbed which was used. The resin in-fill also caused some staining issues due to the very cold weather experienced in late winter 2018 resulting in the resin taking a long time to set. At the time I wasn’t very happy with it, but a few months after being installed, it’s bedding in nicely.


Carving at West Dean College – February 2018

Last weekend I spent three days on a busman’s holiday at West Dean College in West Sussex (https://www.westdean.org.uk/study).  Set in stunning gardens and beautiful landscape, the college is a leading venue for short courses in the arts as well as conservation (we sometimes send our team to courses from Lincoln Cathedral Works Department).

My course was carving plant forms, with talented and lovely Jo Sweeting www.josweetingsculpture.com. Although I could have attempted to lock myself in my own workshop to carve for three days, anyone who tries to juggle family (or other responsibilities) and work will know in reality that this simply won’t happen – particularly as there is always your paid work on the bench and easel staring at you! Much easier to let someone else cook beautiful food for you and have no other distractions. Below is the start of my piece, carved in Lincoln Redbed limestone – soft to carve and a warm pale ochre colour. As yet unfinished, I might manage to complete it before next year’s course…!