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August 2017: a morning with the British Epigraphy Society

I was recently asked to Lincoln University to demonstrate lettercarving to the British Epigraphy Society, as part of their summer school. This is a group of academics who formed a society in 1996 to promote the study of inscriptions, texts and historical documents in Greek, Latin and other languages. As well as studying the copious Roman inscriptions held in the Lincoln Collection (museum) stores, there was theoretical discussion and practical lessons on how to take a paper cast of an inscription (see  image below), done simply using widely available cotton rag paper, water and brushes. As part of this event, I was delighted to be able to talk for an hour on the carving process, then showing the students how to cut, with many of them (including the tutors) having a go themselves. For the record, the process remains very much unchanged for these last 2000 years! www.britishepigraphysociety.org