October 2017 – Fixing a commemorative plaque

Today we fixed a commemorative stone in a local churchyard. When fixing in a cemetery it’s usual for the stone to be laid on a concrete pad. In a churchyard, we usually lay on to earth.

On the right you can see a snapshot of the stone in progress in the workshop, carved from Crosland Hill sandstone.

Below right you can see the stone base being prepared. The stone is carefully lined up with its neighbours and also over the top of the ashes – often a compromise resulting in having to split the difference. A hole larger than the stone is dug to the required depth, then the earth prepared and tamped. Two concrete kerbs are laid down and checked for level, usually with a slight fall to allow for rain water.

Gravel is then added to be flush with the kerbs to ensure that the stone does not remain saturated in the ground.

The stone is then laid in place and the turf carefully replaced. See the finished result in the gallery.

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