All enquiries are welcome. After an initial chat, the client may visit the workshop, or where appropriate, a site visit will be made and preliminary details of the project will be discussed. Some clients may have a fully developed idea of what they require, whilst others may have none. Discussions will range from what the object is to be, whom it is for, where it will be sited etc., to any time restrictions the client may have.


Design and Estimate

The design of the piece can be taken in any direction as the work progresses, but will initially focus on deciding which stone or slate is preferred, the size and shape of the piece, the style of lettering preferred /appropriate and decoration such as painting or gilding. Drawings and an estimate will be sent to the client after meeting and discussions.

The cost of a finished piece can vary considerably, depending on many factors, such as the material chosen, the length of the text, complexity of the design, whether on-site fixing is required and so on. As an example, for a memorial a full size headstone can cost as little as £1600 (no VAT), including fixing.


Stone ordering

Once the design and estimate have been agreed, and any relevant permission gained, the stone is ordered. At this stage a part-payment will be required from the client – usually the cost of the stone.


Carving and fixing

The length of time it takes to carry out a project depends on the scale and complexity of the job. Carving will commence when the stone is delivered to the workshop, with the client welcome to view the progress of the work at any stage.

The balance becomes due following delivery or fixing of the stone normally within 28 days.

Copyright of the design is owned by the artist unless otherwise agreed.